Religious School Bulletin 2-16-12


Federation camp scholarships are available. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please let me know, and I will mail you a form.  The deadline is Friday, February 17.


Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the 3rd-5th Grade Shabbat Service and Dinner on Friday, February 17.  We will have 130 people attending the dinner!  The service is at 5:45 pm. followed by dinner at 6:45 pm. 


The 3rd Graders have all received parts for their Siddur Dedication Ceremony on Friday, April 20.  Hope to see you at this special evening for the 3rd Grade class.


There is also a K-2 Friday night service coming up on Friday, March 23.  Each student will be leading the following prayer by grade.

Kindergarten: Oseh Shalom

1st Grade: Barechu

2nd Grade: Shema and V'Ahavta



Teachers' Classroom Recaps:


Kindergarten – Elana Weiner 

Kindergarten enjoyed Tu B'Shevat in the Park!


1st Grade – Renee Hulsey

We had a wonderful celebration of Tu B'Shevat in the Park this past Sunday.  We started off with a very meaningful seder, led by Rabbi Eisen.  Then we enjoyed some Israeli dancing, let by Lisa Jurkowitz, and planted some parsley seeds which will be useful during Passover.  Be sure to keep them moist and then repot them when they begin to sprout.  Finally, we enjoyed a wonderful nature walk and some snacks of dried fruits.  It was a truly great way to celebrate Tu B'Shevat.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back at the Shul on Sunday.   


2nd Grade – Emily Riley-Saxton 

This week we continued preparing for our play; Joseph and That Darn Coat.  We will be performing it on Tuesday,  February 28 at 5:40 pm.  The kids are very excited, so please plan to be there.  We also worked in our workbook (chapter 11) and wrote the Hebrew aleph-bet in cursive.  See you Sunday. 


3rd Grade – Laura Olesen  

We had a great time celebrating Tu B'Shevat in the park last Sunday. We planted, danced Israeli folk dance, ate , and did a nature walk! Tuesday we began our study of Elijah and Mt. Carmel and in Hebrew we learned the new letter "Fey", and practiced our new heritage words using our new letter. Great job 3rd graders on practicing and learning your parts for the Siddur Consecration!  Looking forward to seeing you this Friday for Kabbalat Shabbat!   


4th Grade – Rebecca Grossberg 

This week we have continued our Judaica lessons on Jewish history. We have also continued learning the Mi Chamocha and VaYomer.


5th Grade – Jesse Muller 

The fifth graders discussed the life cycle ritual of birth.  


6th Grade – Layni Direnfeld

This week in the sixth grade we celebrated Tu B'Shevat in the park on Sunday and learned about the Holocaust on Tuesday. As part of our unit on the Holocaust we watched a video on the effort made by Americans to save European Jews.  


7th – 8th Grade – Joel Kanter & Jessica Cooper 

The 7th and 8th Graders further discussed their parts in the school Yom HaShoah service.