Honoring Lynne Falkow-Strauss

It is high time to honor our beloved Preschool/Kindergarten Director, Lynne Falkow-Strauss, and the amazing legacy of her work. We are proud to announce the newest renovation to Congregation Anshei Israel: the Lynne Falkow-Strauss Foyer and Courtyard, which will incorporate the Administrative Office and School Foyer along with the entrance-way to this Foyer. It is a wonderful opportunity to honor Lynne while we enhance the beauty and safety of our school and administrative office entrance. The Foyer will be modernized and updated including a new entrance to the Women’s League Judaica Gift Shop. The Courtyard will be re-designed with seating, shade structures and areas for children to play and parents to gather.

Lynne is the heart of CAI’s Esther B. Feldman Preschool/Kindergarten and has been welcoming our children (and even some of us) for 45 years! Our award-winning school would not be what it is without her. For that reason, we invite you to help us honor Lynne. One of the prominent features will be a brick path that winds through the Courtyard and play area. We are asking you to consider buying a paver (or two or three) in honor of Lynne. There will also be limited opportunities to purchase benches and tables.

This Foyer and Courtyard will represent the steady presence that Lynne has provided at the Preschool/Kindergarten and in our lives; please help us make it a testament to her.

Hurry, this is your last chance to participate in this special project for this special woman. Order deadline: July 7, 2017    Order online now!
The construction project will begin soon. SAVE THE DATE: The Lynne Falkow-Strauss Foyer & Courtyard will be dedicated at a ceremony on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017, in conjunction with CAI’s annual “Welcome Back” Party.