There are rituals, rites and a philosophical/theological basis for Jewish life. However, all that information is easily available through books or the Internet.

“More important than learning about Judaism is the need to live Jewishly … and the truth is that if Jewish life is to be lived, it must be lived in the midst of, and as part of, a people – our people,” states Rabbi Robert Eisen. “Affiliation can connect you with your roots, your people, your history and heritage, and with other caring souls. The Synagogue can offer you something no other institution can: a connection with God, yourself, and our people,” continues Rabbi Eisen. “What if you looked back and realized that the opportunity to affiliate with a Synagogue was there, but you didn’t take it? Give yourself the chance you deserve, as a Jew, to live a fully Jewish life. Please visit us, ask questions … challenge us with your concerns.”

Congregation Anshei Israel’s very successful free membership program began in 2003. A one-year membership* is offered to anyone who hasn’t been affiliated with a synagogue for two years. The program includes High Holy Days tickets. We do not distinguish between those who participate in the free program and dues-paying members. All members are welcome at services, and all members receive a discount to attend classes and events. Don’t let cost be a factor!

* Yearly Mortgage & Maintenance fee required.

Whether you choose to attend minyan when you have yahrzeit; to celebrate a simcha; or you need to call on us at a time of personal crisis; you will be a part of us, not just because you expect us to be, but because we both want to be there for each other.

Interfaith Families Warmly Welcomed

Free High Holy Days Tickets General admission tickets to attend High Holy Days services at Congregation Anshei Israel are offered at no charge to all unaffiliated Jews 35-years-old and younger. In addition, college students and military personnel will be admitted at no charge for non-reserved seating when they present their school or military ID along with another picture ID. Every person age 16 and over – without exception – will be required to present a ticket with his/her full name imprinted on it and a matching photo ID card to be admitted to the synagogue. Tickets and photo ID cards will be required for entry at all times during the High Holy Days.

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