Board of Trustees/Synagogue Life Council

Board of Trustees Meetings

Synagogue Life Council Meetings

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June 27
Aug. 22
Sept. 26
Oct. 26 Wednesday
Nov. 28
Dec. 19

Jan. 23
Feb. 13
Mar. 27
Apr. 24
May 15 – 86th Annual Meeting
May 22
June 26

Nov. 14

Mar. 6
May 8
June 12
















CAI Board of Trustees

Synagogue Officers

President Phillip Pepper  
1st Vice President

Stephanie Roberts

2nd Vice President Dan Jurkowitz
Secretary/Treasurer Jonathan Green

Past Presidents'
Council Chair

Steve Shenitzer

Immediate Past President Richard Fink

Board of Trustees

MeMe Aguila

Andrew Douglas

Linda Gorsky

Kathy Hays

Marty Johnston

Steve Ketchel

Marianne Langer

Katherine Leonard

Evelyn Sigafus

Steve Singer

Kim Spitzer

Life Trustees

John Gellman
Jane Kivel
Steve Spitzer
Charles Whitehill

Honorary Trustees

Alice & Paul Baker
Enid & Mel Zuckerman

Synagogue Life Council

Stephanie Roberts, Chair

Affiliate Group Presidents

Women’s League Evelyn Sigafus
Men’s Club Lew Crane