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Phone: 520-745-5550
Fax: 520-745-9058
Administrative Office Hours:
Sun 9am – 12noon (when Religious School in session)
Mon – Thur 8am – 5pm
Fri 8am – 4pm


Rabbi Robert J. Eisen, ext. 230
Rabbi Emeritus Arthur R. Oleisky
Cantorial Soloist Nichole Chorny, ext. 228

Administrative Staff

Finance Director Bob Dietz, ext. 223
Preschool/Kindergarten Director

Lynne Falkow-Strauss
ext. 229

Religious School Administrator Sarah Artzi, ext. 227
Congregational Services Director Barb Neuman, ext. 242

Communications & Marketing Director

Yvonne Ethier, ext. 231

Food Services Coordinator/
Ritual Coordinator

Max Ellentuck, ext. 221
Clergy Assistant Michelle Ollanik, ext. 225
Finance Assistant Lynn Walsh, ext. 244
Education Assistant Kim Miller, ext. 224
Receptionist Debra Lytle, ext. 200


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Yvonne Ethier

Synagogue Officers


President Richard Fink
1st Vice President

Shelley Fleischman Heyman

2nd Vice President Stephanie Roberts
Secretary/Treasurer Phil Pepper

Past Presidents'
Council Chair

David Polan

Immediate Past President Madeline Friedman

Board of Trustees

MeMe Aguila

Tedd Goldfinger

Linda Gorsky

Jonathan Green

Dan Jurkowitz

Paul Kahn

Katherine Leonard

Ron Meyerson

Evelyn Sigafus

Keith Singer

Steve Singer

Honorary Trustees

Alice & Paul Baker
Enid & Mel Zuckerman

Life Trustees

John Gellman
Jane Kivel
Steve Spitzer
Charles Whitehill

Synagogue Life Council

Kathy Hays, Chair

Affiliate Group Presidents

Women’s League Evelyn Sigafus
Men’s Club Mark Levine