Religious School Bulletin May 10, 2012

By Yvonne - Thursday, May 10th, 2012

May 10, 2012

Have you registered your child for religious school?  The early bird deadline is almost here (May 15). Please access the registration materials below and then mail (attn: Kim Miller), scan and e-mail, or personally bring them in to the synagogue office.

End-of-the-Year Report Cards will be going out on May 15. Please look for them in your mail. We always welcome input and feedback from parents.

On Sunday, May 20, students and parents are encouraged to attend a special Teacher Appreciation Program at the end of religious school, when, in addition to recognizing our teachers, we will hold the raffle for the IPod for the Shabbat Incentive Program, and announce the names of those students who have attended services and turned in their attendance card 10 or more times this year. (The latter are invited to a Bowling and Pizza Party on May 31.)

This is the final Parent Bulletin of the school year. I wish everyone a wonderful, relaxing summer.

Rabbi Ben Herman


Teachers' Classroom Recaps:

Kindergarten – Elana Weiner
This week we learned about the letter resh and the words rakevet (train) and rimonim. We went to look at the rimonim, the ornaments on top of the Torah, in the synagogue.

1st Grade – Renee Hulsey
The 1st graders learned the vowel sound "oo" and the letter zayin. They now can recognize by sight and sound all of the Hebrew letters and vowels! We also started learning about the holiday of Shavuot and about the Ten Commandments.

2nd Grade – Emily Riley-Saxton
This week we reviewed our vocabulary words, holidays, and started reading about the prophets. We will be having our party next week as well as a year-end review.

3rd Grade – Laura Olesen
The 3rd graders are beginning to learn about Shavuot and especially about the Book of Ruth. They will also be playing a rousing "Jewpardy" game to test their Shavuot knowledge.

4th Grade – Rebecca Grossberg
The 4th graders reviewed all that they have learned about Jewish history.

5th Grade – Jesse Muller
The 5th graders discussed the life-cycle ritual of acquiring a home and made "model homes" out of graham crackers.

6th Grade – Layni Direnfeld
This week in 6th grade we worked in stations to learn three new prophets. Students discussed the moral implications of Rahav, drew pictures inspired by the visual descriptions of Ezekiel, and wrote their own heartfelt prayers to God thanks to the inspiration of Hannah.

7th – 8th Grade – Joel Kanter & Jessica Cooper
The 7th and 8th graders planned their "Move-Up" event for the 6th graders who will be entering Junior USY next year.

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